EDM Tips Start to Finish Future House

EDM Tips Start to Finish Future House

Want to learn how to fully produce a professional-sounding track from the ground up – Start to finish? Well, now you can!

This course shows you every stage of the creative process, from idea generation, writing chords, and sound design, to mixing and mastering.

This is the best place to see EDM Tips start-to-finish process that has helped him produce Grammy shortlisted dance music.

See “under the hood”, and get full access to samples, presets and project files to open up on your own computer!


Do you ever listen to a feel like your a million miles away from getting “that” sound?

Or do you ever open up a blank project in your DAW and feel overwhelmed with the possibilities?

Maybe you end up writing an 8 or 16 bar loop, only to save it to your hard drive, then never open it again (or open it a year later and realise you could have made something good from it!?)

Music production can be frustrating. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of important things to learn.

No-one likes staring at a blank screen, or trawling for hours around YouTube (without anything to show for it)

This is where knowing every stage of the process (for idea generation, to composition, arrangement, sound design, mixing and mastering) is essential.


The BEST way to learn this process is to sit in a studio with a professional music producer and have him (or her) explain their process from start-to-finish, whilst they actually write a track.

And the SECOND BEST way?


That’s exactly why EDMTips created this Start-to-Finish course. It’s like sitting in the studio with a pro, let Will talk you through the process of writing a track from start-to-finish.

Here is what you will get by the end of it:

1. Learn every step of the process from empty project file to fully finished track.
2. Learn pro tricks to getting a clean, crisp mix.
3. Learn how to get a loud, in-your-face master, ready for release on Spotify, Beatport or Apple Music.


Learn How to Arrange, Mix & Master Your Music
Step-by-Step Production Guide from Empty Project to Fully Finished & Mastered Track
Tried & Tested Techniques That Work for ANY Genre of Dance Music
Professional Sound Design Tips
Over 3 Hours of HD Video
50 In-Depth Lessons
Ableton Live Project Files
Samples and Synth Presets
High Quality 24 bit Audio Stems


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