Pro Studio Live The Importance of Pre Production

Pro Studio Live The Importance of Pre Production

Learn from Bobby Owsinski as he teaches his approaches and techniques for pre production with a band while explaining and showing the major differences this part of the recording process can make when approached correctly.

In this episode Bobby Owsinski, one of the most prolific modern audio educators, shares his experiences with the art of pre production to illustrate its role in a conventional recording process. During the session, Bobby works with a band he's never met before and coaches them through their recording performance to elevate their track to the next level.

Bobby begins by explaining what pre production is—as well as what it isn’t—followed by recording the band’s performance of the song. Then, in order to demonstrate his process, Bobby goes into the Live Room and shows how he likes to work with the band to improve their overall dynamic just before recording another pass of the song to reference later. Finally, Bobby compares the adjusted version with the original version they began with to show how much improvement can be made to a song through careful examination of the performances. The information shared on this episode of Pro Studio Live is not only factual but has proven to work wonders in his productions, so these steps are sure to breathe new life into your processes as well!

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