Pro Studio Live Digital Audio Masterclass

Pro Studio Live Digital Audio Masterclass

At the end of this course you will have a confident grasp of THE key audio production elements that WILL undoubtedly make YOU a better engineer.

In the past 5 years teaching audio, it’s interesting to see the common gaps in knowledge that our students have. And we understand because people nowadays purchase software and start recording, and there is no one there to guide them, just very specific youtube videos. We’ve gathered the most essential information you can get to have a solid foundation in digital recording.

This Is Your Chance To Gain Greater Confidence In Your Abilities

How much more could you learn? How much could you accomplish in your future if you just had a very solid foundation of the KEY Audio production elements that will undoubtedly make YOU a better engineer?

On this priceless online workshop, you'll get to spend 4 hours with Mario Gonzales, Jose and Gus from the Pro Studio Live team and they will walk you through the simple process that will completely re build your foundation in regards to digital audio

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