Pro Studio Live Ultimate Compression Guide

Pro Studio Live Ultimate Compression Guide

With the help of the master, Bob Horn, we developed THE guide to help you understand what a compressor does, and how to use it properly in a variety of instruments.

Over the years, we found that compression is one of the most difficult things to learn when it comes to mixing. This is why we finally took the lead and partnered with Bob Horn, one of the most loved engineers by the Pro Studio Live audience and developed this Ultimate Guide on Compression. Learn from the hands of a professional engineer who is already mixing for some of the biggest records you hear out there. After watching this class you will be able to understand and master compression like never before. Bob will not only explain what the controls are and how to use them, but you will develop your skills on What to Hear and How, so you can start applying these techniques to your mixes right away.

In this episode:

Basic Controls
Bus Compression
Quick note on expansion
Quick note about knee
Knee Example
Comparing Plugins
Parallel Compression
Multiband Compression
Electric Guitar Serial Compression
Acoustic Guitars
Organ Sidechain
EDM Sidechain
Mid Side Bus Compression

1) Attack / Release on Snare

2) Side Chain Compression EDM

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