Groove3 Electronic Music Producers Guide Kick Drums

Groove3 Electronic Music Producers Guide Kick Drums

Larry Holcombe presents video tutorials for the Electronic Music Producer's Guide series, focusing on Kick Drums! This series will get you going and then some when creating and tweaking kick drums for your electronic music productions.

Larry starts off with in-depth videos on creating a kick drum from scratch using the Kick 2 virtual instrument for a Future Pop/Bass track, including tweaking the pitch and amplitude envelopes, while fine-tuning click samples to get just the right vibe.

Continuing on, Larry shows how to process it further by adding distortion and drive to help gel the sound together, while applying EQ and compression to finish the kick off.

Layering Kick sounds is then covered and you'll see how to take 3 kick samples and tune them to compliment each other, tweak their envelopes, and apply channel and bus processing to make a huge house kick drum sound.

Lastly, Larry reveals a really cool way to recreate your favorite kick drums by using Kick 2 and an oscilloscope to understand what makes favorite kick drums kick! This is an amazing process for creating your own kicks and understanding how kick drums can be generated.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you're new to kick drum sound design or just want more info on the topic, looks right here … Watch "Electronic Music Producer's Guide: Kick Drums" today.

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