Steve Glazer Vocal Workouts #1 SINGING SIMPLIFIED

Steve Glazer Vocal Workouts #1 SINGING SIMPLIFIED

Vocal Workouts #1 is the perfect companion course for Singing Simplified #1. I'll be your personal singing trainer through these vocal workout sessions, helping you to improve your technique, strengthen your voice, and increase your vocal range even more quickly than you thought possible!

Included in the course:

TEN, fun and challenging 30-minute Vocal Workouts for you to choose from - simple enough for Beginner to Intermediate students
Each Workout includes vocal warmups, 10-12 vocal exercises, a warm down, and a lot more helpful tips along the way.
EVERY EXERCISE IS DEMONSTRATED FOR YOU, IN FULL. I walk you through each one, step by step!
I answer the most popular questions about breathing for singing, vocal support, and how to get the best natural vocal tone.
The Workouts are great for intermediate to advanced students as well!

Simply choose a Vocal Workout each day and we'll go through it together! I hope to see you in class!

Steve Glazer

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