ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of The Chainsmokers

ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of The Chainsmokers

In this course, we start at the beginning of a track and create an entire song from intro to drop in the style of Megastar DJ and production trio, The Chainsmokers.

Along the way you’ll explore every detail so you understand the exact types of sounds and techniques The Chainsmokers like to use in their songs.

Filled with tips and tricks this course is a great source of inspiration to get you started on a chart smashing track.

Course Features

Learn how to make a track in a similar style as The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers are easily one of the most popular and successful EDM groups. Their combination of pop and dance music has been a trendsetting theme for popular music as a whole – find out why and learn how to capture this sound now!

53 Minutes of focused, professional video instruction
5 tutorial videos providing focused production techniques and creative tips for EDM and Future Bass
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

Course Summary

► Guitar, Chords and Melody:

In the first video we go over the elements of a typical Chainsmokers song, and we write some chords and a melody around a Chainsmokers-type guitar loop. We talk about the types of melodies The Chainsmokers like to use.

► Intro:

We start our song by building and intro. We talk about what kind of elements The Chainsmokers like to use in their intros, including teasing the drop melody to drag your listener in.

► Verse:

In this part we talk about how to make a simple yet effective verse section, using some of the elements from our intro. We keep it simple taking care not to not interfere with any potential vocal that could be added on to the track later.

► Breakdown/Build:

For our breakdown and build, we talk about how to build suspense in pop music without overusing build elements and making the buildup too busy. One plugin we use is Endless Smile by Dada Life, which is an easy way to subtly build suspense without going overboard.

► The Drop & Finishing Touches:

Finally, the drop. We go over the types of stabby chords The Chainsmokers like to use in their songs as well as how to use the melody to give your drop a lot of “bounce.” We also go over what kind of drums/drum patterns The Chainsmokers like to use and finally we polish up our track so it is ready to be heard.

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