Groove3 Cubase 10 Explained

Groove3 Cubase 10 Explained

Cubase guru Paul Ortiz brings you the definitive video beginner's guide to Steinberg's Cubase 10. These in-depth tutorials are designed to get you going with Cubase 10 from scratch, and learn everything you need to know to understand Cubase 10’s layout, basic functions, recording and editing MIDI and Audio, Bussing, Routing, Mixing and much, much more!

Paul starts by welcoming you and goes over what you need to do to set up and create your very first Cubase project, followed by making tracks and virtual instruments and recording them via MIDI. Paul then gives you a ton of MIDI focused video tutorials covering MIDI tools, controllers, editors, modifiers, arpeggiators, drum editors and others.

Cubase 10's Audio features and functions are then explained and explored, and you'll get the solid foundation you need to record and edit audio, making the perfect takes for your songs and productions. Paul goes deep into the different record modes, editing pitch, offline processing to save CPU, rendering MIDI to Audio, the Sampler Track, using Automation, Effects and additional topics.

Next, Paul gives you a bunch of Mixing focused tutorials on using Link Groups and VCAs, EQs, Channel Strips, Send, Pre and Post Effects, Sidechaining and other audio-centric features and functions. Wrapping it all up, you'll get workflow tutorials showing you how to better work in Cubase by using Multiple VST Outputs, creative Arranging, Time Signature, Metronome & Tempo Changes, Exporting your Song, Cubase 10's powerful Chord Tracks and so much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more detailed info. If you’re new to Steinberg's Cubase 10, or just want more info on this flagship DAW, watch “Cubase 10 Explained®” today!

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