Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol.1

Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol.1

Hi, I'm Brad Carlton and welcome to Guitar Lab: Funk Guitar Studies Vol. 1. This course will teach you specific rhythm guitar parts for a straight 1/16th note groove funk track in E. You will then be presented with various options for building your own guitar parts.

Topics covered in this course include the Mixolydian harmonies, CAGED dominant chord forms, all inversions of close voiced and drop 2 dominant 7 chords, and the 7#9 chord. Grab your guitar, and let's get started!

12 Total Video Lessons:

Funk Guitar Studies Vol. 1 Introduction
Track Analysis Pt 1 Theory
Track Analysis Pt 2 Rhythm Guitar Parts
Chord Forms CAGED Dominants
Rhythm Options Pt 1 C7 Form
Rhythm Options Pt 2 A7 Form
Rhythm Options Pt 3 G7 Form
Rhythm Options Pt 4 E7 Form
Rhythm Options Pt 5 D7 Form
Close Voicings All Inversions
Drop 2 Voicings All Inversions
The 7#9 Chord Voicing Options

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