PUREMIX Mick Guzauski Mixing Lifeboats

PUREMIX Mick Guzauski Mixing Lifeboats

In Episode 3 of our Lifeboats Series, Legendary Mixer, Mick Guzauski, opens the multitrack for Will Knox’s Lifeboats onto his Avid S6 console and takes us all the way from hearing the song for the first time, through to a completed mix with his signature sound imprinted upon it.

See How Mick:

Sets up his Avid S6 console for effortless navigation
Adds rhythm and movement to percussive synth parts with creative delays
Uses manual gating to achieve the right feel on a kick drum
Carefully crafts piano reverbs
Uses multiple reverbs to build unique spaces and textures for individual instruments
Sculpts the top end of the mix using the Manley Massive Passive
Uses a Fairchild 670 to slow down transients and thicken the drum bus

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