Mac Pro Video Dance Music Styles House

Mac Pro Video Dance Music Styles  House

What is House music? What are its sonic elements? Why does it sound distinctive from other dance music genres out there? How do you produce it? Find the answers in this Dance Music Styles course by Adam Pollard.

There’s a plethora of unique dance music genres out there and it's often hard to understand what makes them distinct. Sometimes it’s tempo. Sometimes it's how the beats are constructed. Other times it's a matter of form. More often than not, it's about an overall vibe!

That's why we brought in Multiplier, to “star” in our Dance Music Styles series of courses. Adam Pollard (AKA Multiplier) reveals all the ingredients of House music, with the deep insight that only a top-notch producer can provide. In this course, Adam puts House center stage and examines it beat-by-beat and track-by-track, providing you with the tools you need to produce your own, authentic House tracks.

So spend some time with EDM producer, Adam Pollard, and experience what House is all about. And be sure to watch all of Adam's courses in our "dance-opedia" Dance Music Styles series!

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