PUREMIX Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Lifeboats

PUREMIX Chris Lord-Alge Mixing Lifeboats

In Episode 2 of our Lifeboats Series, Legendary Mixer, Chris Lord-Alge, loads the multitrack for Will Knox's Lifeboats onto his SSL console and takes us all the way from hearing the song for the first time, to a completed powerful and energetic mix with his signature sound imprinted upon it.

Learn How CLA:

Decides when it is appropriate to use drum samples
Sets up his stereo bus processing chain with his famous Focusrite Red 3 compressor and Pultec EQs
Approaches Bass DIs and Amplifiers
Deals with excessively dark tracks
Pockets vocals to tighten the groove
Works with creative effects to add a sense of space and movement to the vocal

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