Groove3 Steven Slate Drums 5 Explained

Groove3 Steven Slate Drums 5 Explained

Got Slate Drums? Eli Krantzberg delivers an in-depth video tutorial series about the new Steven Slate Drums 5! Go deep into this virtual drum powerhouse learning all of its features and functions, and see just what it can do for your songs and productions.

Eli welcomes you and then covers the basics such as installation and gives a detailed overview of the new version 5 user interface and layout. Then see how to connect the installed samples with the plug-in, and learn about the various instrument collections included with Steven Slate Drums 5.

Next, Eli explores and explains the Global Settings that effect the operation of the overall instrument, then how to Load, Layer, Save, Navigate, and Clear full kits and individual instruments. Then see how to import third party samples into SSD5 and layer them with existing instrument sounds for endless drum sounds and colors.

Moving on you’ll see how to tune each instrument, control its overall volume, as well as the volume of individual articulations, flip the phase of all mics at once, and adjust the dynamic response to incoming MIDI note velocity values.

Eli then shows you the incredibly flexible microphone combinations and Amp Envelope settings available for each instrument, as well as how routing works in SSD5, both to internal subgroups and room mics, as well as to individual outputs in your DAW.

Going deeper, you’ll learn how the Kit Mapping Section is used to map your drum kit to certain notes and MIDI CC messages, and how the Input Converter is used to convert incoming MIDI notes and CC messages to trigger different MIDI notes and messages within Steven Slate Drums 5.

Wrapping it all up, Eli demonstrates how to navigate and audition the factory library of MIDI drum grooves that ship with SSD5, and how to use them to create a simple drum part in your DAW. And as a bonus, Eli gives you a detailed “in-action” video showing how to customize one of the factory kits with layered electronic and acoustic sounds, third party samples, and then programmed from scratch, including using Multi Output Routing and MixRack processing for an amazing drum part and mix.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to Steven Slate Drums 5 or just want to know more about it, this is the one to watch… Checkout “Steven Slate Drums 5 Explained®” today.

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