Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks I Creating Ideas

Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks I Creating Ideas

Welcome to Ableton Live Workflow Hacks! This is the first of 3 courses that focus on workflow hacks. This first segment is designed to help you increase your speed and efficiency when starting new song ideas. We will cover techniques that you can employ in Live's Session View, such as how to record, overdub, and live loop new parts without stopping the flow of the music. We will also take a look at some tricks for more efficient writing of MIDI parts, such as utilizing MIDI effects, step recording in MIDI notes, and making the most of Drum Racks to organize sounds and samples quickly.

Lessons topics include:

Session View hacks
Live looping
MIDI overdub & step recording
Easy tempo and time-signature changes
MIDI hacks
Capturing notes from MIDI effects
The Scale MIDI effect explained
Seeing Groove Pool presets
General MIDI for Drum Racks
Drum Rack - more than just drums

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