Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks II Developing Ideas

Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks II Developing Ideas

Welcome to Ableton Live Workflow Hacks! This is the second of 3 courses that focus on workflow hacks. In this segment, we will look more in depth at workflow tips designed to help you progress your ideas further. After initial ideas have been put down into a project, this segment will primarily deal with developing and enhancing sounds, working quickly in Live's Arrangement view, and adding automation. By the end of this course, you will be able to add more polish to your sounds, efficiently add movement and interest to your tracks, and use key commands and loop brace edit commands to navigate the Arrangement much faster.

Lessons topics include:

Adding analog life to digital synths
Max for Live LFO - modulate anything
Auto Pan - sidechain compression and movement
Distortion alternatives
Inter-App audio sampling
Automation Ease - macros and grid snapping
Key mapping in the Arrangement
Loop Brace edit commands

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