Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks III Finishing Ideas

Noiselab Ableton Live Hacks III Finishing Ideas

Welcome to Ableton Live Workflow Hacks! This is the third and final course in this series. In this segment, we explore tricks that will help you out near the end of the production process. The mixing hacks covered will help you apply processing and set levels more efficiently in your mixdowns. We will also touch on some frequently overlooked techniques for file management, such as organizing the browser for easy access to sounds, properly Collecting and Saving projects, and using Live's File Manager to locate missing files and seamlessly replace samples throughout a project.

Lessons topics include:

Creating dry & wet chains
Splitting frequencies for multiband processing
Adding space with Multiband Dynamics
Using sidechain compression busses
Warp Mode effects on audio quality
Understanding gain staging in Live
Browser flow
Avoid Collect All and Save mishaps
Why you should be using the File Manager

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