Riley Weller Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers

Riley Weller Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers

This course stresses on the importance of being a beatmaker behind music theory knowledge

When you're a beatmaker, all you want to do is create amazing beats.

But in your early years the main thing holding you back is your comprehension of chords, scales, and basic music theory fundamentals.

In over my 10 years, I have not only discovered how chords and scales work, but I've found a really easy way to explain it, too.

Put it this way, on your piano, you have 12 notes available to you, which repeat on each octave, right?

Well, just because you have your 12 notes available, doesn't mean you're actually allowed to play all of those notes. This is where the key and scale come into play.

My promise to you with this course is after watching it, you will gain such a concrete basis for understanding the notes available for you to play, how to count beats, and comprehend the major and minor chords to be creative with.

The course structure is as follows:

Counting Beats and Being Creative

How Notes Work in Music, and Why Frequency/Pitch Matters

Understanding Scales and the Notes Available to Use

Comprehending Major and Minor Chords within Your Scale (Also Inversions and Advanced Chords)

Putting Our Chords and Music Theory into Real-World-Practice

Working with a Bassline and Seeing How Our Music Theory Lines Up

Making Our Music Sound Better with Available Free Tools

If you don't know how chords and scales work, this is your biggest hindrance as a producer.

Let my years of experience help jump-start your beats and save you years of learning in my course 'Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers and Producers'

What you'll learn

Music Theory Fundamentals
Major, Minor, and Diminished Chords
How the Notes All Relate to Each Other
Counting Beats and Staying in Time
Comprehending Chords within Scales
Putting Chords into Real-World Practice
When You're Allowed to Use Certain Notes
Making Your Music Sound Better and Humanistic
Understanding Scales

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