PUREMIX Fab Dupont Mixing TMBOY

PUREMIX Fab Dupont Mixing TMBOY

TMBOY is an electronic “shadow pop duo” formed by members Sarah Aument and Will Shore. Their music has an organic feel, courtesy of Shore’s live vibraphone performances, mixed with elements of house and techno which serve to amplify the emotion in Sarah’s lyrics.

In this puremix.net exclusive, Grammy award-winning engineer, Fab Dupont, mixes a single off of their upcoming record called “The Light”

and demonstrates how he:

Deals with a troublesome snare drum using techniques like pitch shifting, distortion, and transient design.
Uses metering and gain staging techniques to set himself up for delivering to streaming platforms.
Balances multiple bass synth patches against each other and creates space for each to avoid masking.
Sets up his 2 bus compression to add density and weight to the mix
Uses parallel compression to increase the impact of the drums

Once the mix is complete, Fab recalls the original mix that he did for the record to compare his on the fly, in the box mix to the version that went through multiple recalls and made the record to see which one wins.

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