Udemy Players Live Performance in Propellerhead Reason

Udemy Players Live Performance in Propellerhead Reason

Ever wondered how DJ/Music producers perform their music Live? Usually you'd see loads of equipment around them; drum pad controllers, midi keyboards, MPC players and possibly an actual synthesiser. This course will teach you how it's done from beginning to end using Reason and it's player devices.

We'll also learn how to write music using players in a unique way in order to get the best out of these incredible music making devices.

What you'll learn

You will have the knowledge on how to perform your own music live
Be far more creative with your music production
The ability to use any midi device to control Reason
Learn Reason's Player devices in Depth


You will require Reason 10 or later
Some knowledge in the basics of using Reason
Some kind of midi controller keyboard is needed

Who is the target audience?

People desiring knowledge in Reason's Player devices to maximise musicality
If you desire to perform your music live.
Deeper understanding of Reason's utility backend

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