Dance Music Production Uplifting Trance 2018

Dance Music Production Uplifting Trance 2018

You will learn the skills and techniques required to build your own 138 BPM uplifting Trance track while you follow Rick as he builds a track from an empty DAW to the basic mixing stage. For this tutorial, you will spend close to 16 hours, over 3 modules learning how to create an Uplifting Trance track.

We lift the lid on Uplifting Trance so that you learn the skills and techniques to get that 138 BPM track.

You will follow Rick as he takes you from a blank DAW to a track for basic mixing. This whole tutorial is spread over 3 modules for you so that you experience in detail the techniques and skills used to get that professional sound.

You will start by learning how the backbone of the example track is built. You will learn the theory of root notes, chord development, and progressions and the role they will play when designing and developing your tracks in the future. You will learn simple, quick and easy techniques to use to create your own uplifting trance tracks with memorable leads.

In the second module, we continue to build the track, with the introduction of vocals, plucks and special effects. Rick hits stage 4 in the development of a track and its educational for us all to see how a professional deals with this stage of building a track. As you continue to move through this module and its lessons you will build on the strong foundation learned in module 1.

In the third and final module in Uplifting Trance, we arrange and automate before Rick demonstrates how to ride the mix. It ends with a complete 138BPM uplifting Trance track, demonstrating to you many of the skills and techniques you will be able to employ in the development of your own tracks.

7Gb download (3 zipped files at 2.3Gb)

In this 16+ hour tutorial you'll learn:

How to produce chords and progressions quickly and easily, with the minimum amount of music theory
The techniques that'll enable you to create memorable and great sounding lead melodies
How to create the "driving" bass lines consisting of high, mid, low and sub sounds
How to synthesize the bass layers to ensure they all sit together and don't muddy the mix
Synthesis tips and techniques for leads, and how to layer and process them.
How to create and tune drums
Tricks to creating the classic slurred clap/snare sounds
How to synthesis and layer acid lines to underpin the track
The techniques behind creating arps
How to create percussive overlays
Tips to create percussion elements that drive the track forward
The techniques behind drum rolls
Tips and techniques for automation busses
How to create chord breakdowns
How to create memorable motifs
Where to use and how to create FX risers, builds, and drops.
How to arrange a track
Tips and tricks for building tension and release in the arrangement
The use of vocals and vocal snippets
How to approach mixing a genre with a lot of instruments and reverb
And much more

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