PUREMIX Mixing Jazz With Fab Dupont

PUREMIX Mixing Jazz With Fab Dupont

In part 2 of our Jazz start to finish series, Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Fab Dupont, mixes a song recorded in the same session as Part 1: Jazz Setup And Tracking With Fab Dupont .

For this particular mix, Fab chose to mix this outside of the box, on his Neve 54 series console, using his favorite outboard gear to craft the tracks and create a cohesive and style appropriate mix.

In this one-hour pureMix.net exclusive, see how Fab:

Deals with bleed from other instruments in the room
Softens “clanky” transients in the piano to create a more style appropriate sound
Uses transformers on his stereo bus to shape the tone of the mix
Adds definition while maintaining a fat tone on an upright bass using high pass filtering and EQ
Adds detail to the fingers of the stand-up bass without adding harshness using a Chandler LTD-1
Does subtle tone shaping on the drum kit and controls excessive transients using a Chandler TG1 Limiter
Adds space using analog reverbs like an EMT 140 and AKG BX10

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