MacProVideo Logic Pro X 203 Logics Compressors

MacProVideo Logic Pro X 203 Logics Compressors

Joe Albano is the perfect trainer to explain and explore the ins-and-outs of Logic Pro’s family of compressors. In this course, he divulges the inside info about which world-class compressors they’re modelled after and then shows you how to best deploy them!

You learn every knob, button and meter that these Logic-only plugins have, and you get a really solid primer on compression, side-chaining and even limiting techniques.

This course covers:

Vintage Opto
Studio FET
Vintage FET
Classic VCA
Studio VCA
Adaptive Limiter

So dive into Logic Pro’s world of compression, with Joe Albano, and soon you’ll be making these built-in plugins your go-to dynamic processors on all of your Logic tracks. Also be sure to check out all of our Logic in-depth courses in our ever-expanding library!

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