Truefire Guitar Lab Parallel Progressions

Truefire Guitar Lab Parallel Progressions

In this course, we'll define parallel progressions as two or more chords that share the same root in the base. We'll talk about the circle of fifths, it's purpose to show you that notes don't have to change when you go from one key to another. We'll also talk about what notes do change and focus on those.

Using guide tones, extensions, voicings, and rhythmic ideas in terms of melodic development and which register you play in will be important when playing over our Latin groove in this course. You'll learn a few things that will serve you not just in Latin jazz, but also in pop tunes and other types of progressions. This course will also help you understand the guitar in not grips but scale degrees. Alright, grab your guitar and let's play some parallel progressions!

9 Total Video Lessons:

Guitar Lab: Parallel Progressions Introduction
The Circle of Fifths Key Signatures
Modes and Their Parent Scales Formulas
Modal Harmonies Chord Extensions
Cmaj7 to Cm7 Common Tones Pt. 1
Cmaj7 to Cm7 Common Tones Pt. 2
Cmaj7 to C7 Common Tones
Cmaj7 to Dbmaj7/C Common Tones
Parallel Progressions Summary

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