Ask Video Reason 10 203 Layers

Ask Video Reason 10 203 Layers

Propellerhead’s Layers lets you stack up to four multi-sampled vintage synths on top of one another to get rich and evolving sounds. Dive in this cool Rack Extension with sound designer G.W. Childs, and learn to use this inspiring instrument to its fullest potential!

If you’re into classic synths, you’ll love Propellerhead’s Quadrasonic Sample Player! This Reason RE lets you layer multi-sampled instruments (such as the classic Roland Jupiter-4, Korg Poly-800, Moog Prodigy to name a few), and process them individually to create everything from huge lead to evolving soundscapes. It’s far more from just a sample player, as G.W. Childs will show you in this course!

After loading a few presets, G.W. explains how to create a layered bass sound from scratch. While building the patch, he explains how to achieve a ticker sound by detuning, filtering and distorting each layer. Next, he demonstrates how to create rhythmic animation with the Trig Sequencer and how to program Layers to completely morph your sound using the Mod Wheel. You learn every parameter of the synth, and you discover plenty of useful sound design tips to create everything from big basses to ethereal pads, and even full beats!

Get ready to lay down some gorgeous synth sounds with Reason expert G.W. Childs... A whole new world of sound design awaits!

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