Groove3 Gating Explained

Groove3 Gating Explained

Studio guru Eli Krantzberg presents an in-depth video tutorial series on Gating! Learn what Gating is and how to apply it to your tracks for a clearer mix, or to add special effects and processing to your sounds.

Eli welcomes you to the video tutorials and then starts at the beginning, explaining exactly what a "Noise Gate" is and all of its basic controls, as well as hearing how they work, clinically, on a square wave.

Next Eli gives you a tutorial on understanding Downward Expansion and how it works as a subtler means of reducing signal levels, and then shows it in action on a noisy electric guitar part.

Eliminating Dialog Noise is next, and you'll learn how to tame pesky background noise from a vocal part, followed by in-depth tutorials on the classic art of Drum Gating.

Breath Reduction, Transient Enhancement, and Gated Reverb are then all explored using a variety of different Gate plug-ins, followed by creative videos on using a gate, such as how to lock the timing together between two tracks, creative sidechaining to chop up sustained sounds into staccato rhythms, and Gate Control to separate loud and quiet notes for independent processing.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you're a producer of mixer, Gating is an essential tool in your processing toolbox. Learn how to wield this powerful sonic weapon and make tracks cleaner and more interesting... Watch "Gating Explained" today.

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