Mixing Music Perspectives on Music Production

Mixing Music Perspectives on Music Production

This series, Perspectives On Music Production, collects detailed and experientially informed considerations of record production from a multitude of perspectives, by authors working in a wide array of academic, creative, and professional contexts. We solicit the perspectives of scholars of every disciplinary stripe, alongside recordists and recording musicians themselves, to provide a fully comprehensive analytic point-of-view on each component stage of record production.

Each volume in the series thus focuses directly on a distinct aesthetic 'moment' in a record's production, from pre-production through recording (audio engineering), mixing and mastering to marketing and promotions. This first volume in the series, titled Mixing Music, focuses directly on the mixing process.

This book includes:

References and citations to existing academic works; contributors draw new conclusions from their personal research, interviews, and experience.
Models innovative methodological approaches to studying music production.
Helps specify the term 'record production,' especially as it is currently used in the broader field of music production studies.

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