Jazz Piano Fundamentals (Books 1-3): A Complete Curriculum of Explanations, Exercises, Listening Guides

Jazz Piano Fundamentals (Books 1-3): A Complete Curriculum of Explanations, Exercises, Listening Guides

Comprising 750-pages of carefully sequenced jazz piano knowledge, the Jazz Piano Fundamentals series represents the most complete jazz piano curriculum in the world. Throughout the book's thirty-six units, master-teacher Jeremy Siskind provides welcoming, clear, and detailed instruction that includes lessons, improvisation exercises, written practice, licks, listening guides, and practice plans in hopes that your jazz piano learning experience is organized, productive, and creative.

This book is designed to be used in conjunction with The Real Book, Volume 6. Recommended for pianists with knowledge of all major scales and coordination to play a Chopin Nocturne or Bach Invention.

“I love this book - and plan on using it in at my own school. A must for any beginning jazz piano student!”
- Martin Bejerano, jazz pianist/composer and professor, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

"Jeremy Siskind's book creates a methodology and answers questions in a way that I have almost never seen done in a jazz educational tome. He breaks down the practice of improvisation to its smallest building blocks, and is careful to relate each lesson to real-life examples from the jazz canon....This book will be excellent for jazz beginners, players of other instruments who wish to bone up on their piano skills, and advanced improvisers may find ways to fill in gaps in their skill sets "
- Mark Shilansky, pianist/composer, professor, Berklee College of Music

“Jeremy’s book is a reflection on who he is as a pianist - a true artist who has done his homework. Behind the meticulous attention to detail is a respect for jazz tradition and a desire to help pianists explore their own creativity.”
- Aimee Nolte, jazz pianist/vocalist and YouTube Star

“Jeremy's book is not only perfect to start this wonderful journey called Jazz Piano, but also one to come back to... Thank you!!”
- Otmaro Ruiz, Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and professor, UCLA

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