A Modern Approach to Naming Guitar Chords, 4th Edition

A Modern Approach to Naming Guitar Chords, 4th Edition

Finally—an intuitive, single-source standardization for naming guitar chords in the 21st century! A honing of guitar theory as a subcategory of music theory.

Commonsense approach to all things guitar chord, including how to label alternate chord voicings. New concepts, including natural harmonics chords, unison chords, and octaval chords.

A massive Instructional Glossary with clear and precise definitions, benefiting both guitarists and music theorists alike.

Appendices containing 747 graphical guitar chord boxes and definitions for several guitar tunings:

Open Major A/E
Open Major G/D
Drop D
Double Drop D
Bruce Palmer Modal

Band of Witches” sample song sheet. Procedures for registering a copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Introduction to U.S. copyright law’s fair use doctrine, including a comparison of mechanical and sync licenses. Presented in an easy-to-read, connect-the-dots manner. An absolute must-read for the guitarist wanting to transcribe new sound-creations into guitar chords.
The only textbook needed for a Progressive Guitar Theory 105 course. Though geared toward the needs of a seasoned guitarist, this book contains a wealth of information that will benefit anyone, from the casual campfire-strumming enthusiast to avid music theorists looking for a greater understanding of the challenges facing non-sight-reading guitar players.

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