How to Email Labels and Network With A&R How to Email Labels and Network With A&R

Shanahan will go into detail on everything you should consider when emailing labels and networking with A&R.


1. Producing music is not the hardest part of landing a record deal
- Networking/Branding
- Professionalism
- Emailing
- Contacts
- Building Relationships

2. Finding a home
- Finding a label that suites you & your brand
- Working with an A&R or team that actually backs your tracks with real promotion
- Not relying on anyone, even if you’re told the promotion is amazing, you don’t rely on it

3. Connect with indie Labels
- Don’t always think you need a huge label to help succeed your career
- Small indie Labels can have just as much impact as any other label, it all matters how the network & promotion is executed

4. Connect with Artists on your favorite Labels
- Build a relationship slowly, be humble & nice
- Try to work with them over-time collab/remix/etc
- My Tritonal Collaboration
- My Hardwell Original being edited

5. Know who you’re speaking with
- Do research on the Label(s) you’re emailing
- Find out who’s in charge or founder/owner
- Try to connect on pages like LinkedIn
- Research their most popular genres they’ve released

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