The Ultimate Guitar Scales Book (Left-Handed Edition): Essential For Every Guitar Player

The Ultimate Guitar Scales Book (Left-Handed Edition): Essential For Every Guitar Player

Left-Handed Edition
Created especially for the left-handed players with left-handed scale boxes. All the other content is the same as the original book 'The Ultimate Guitar Scales Book'.

A Must Have For Every Guitar Player! This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new scales and shapes to help improve your improvisational skills or practice routine.

Going from the simplest scales, such as the Minor Pentatonic scale, through to the more complex, such as Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales, this book uses 3-note per string and CAGED shapes to connect the different shapes across the whole fretboard. This book can be used simply as a reference point for shapes to play for certain scales/modes, or to further develop your knowledge and practice routines to become the ultimate guitar player!

Put together by musician Karl Golden, who has been playing guitar professionally for over 10 years and is now a big influencer in the YouTuber community, with well over 48 million views on his content.

Over 70 Practice Exercises Over 70 practice exercises with full notation to help you learn the scales and modes in this book.

Over 30 Scales and Modes

The Major Scale
Dorian Mode
Phrygian Mode
The Lydian Mode
The Mixolydian Mode
The Aeolian Mode
The Locrian Mode
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
The Major Pentatonic Scale
The Blues Scale
The Harmonic Minor Scale
The Locrian Natural Six Mode
The Ionian Sharp Five Mode
The Dorian Sharp Four Mode
The Phrygian Dominant Mode
The Lydian Sharp Two Mode
The Super Locrian Mode
The Melodic Minor Mode
The Dorian Flat Two Mode
The Lydian Augmented Mode
The Lydian Flat Seven Mode
The Mixolydian Flat Six Mode
The Locrian Sharp Two Mode
The Altered Scale
The Whole-Half Diminished Scale
The Half-Whole Diminished Scale
The The Whole Tone Scale

Also touches on more obscure modes such as Hungarian Minor Scale,The Persian Scale, The Hirajoshi Pentatonic Scale, The Arabian Scale and Scottish Pentatonic Scale.

Useful CAGED and 3-Note-Per-String-Shapes Easy CAGED box shapes that can be moved anywhere on the neck for any key as well as 3-note-per-string shapes. Don't learn hundreds of unnecessary scale shapes!

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