The Ultimate Bass Chords & Arpeggios Book: Essential for every bass player!

The Ultimate Bass Chords & Arpeggios Book: Essential for every bass player!

Essential For Every Bass Player
Learn all the essential chords and arpeggios to play on the bass that all bass players should know. Starting with the most basic major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords and arpeggios then moving onto the more advanced seventh arpeggios that add lots of flavour to your playing. Each set of chords and arpeggios comes with practice exercises and inspiring musical pieces to help you understand how to approach arranging music with them. This is the ultimate reference and practice book.

Put together by musician Karl Golden, who has been playing professionally for over 10 years and is now a big influencer in the YouTuber guitar community, with well over 50 million views on his content.

Over 50 Moveable Shapes To Any Key For Chords & Arpeggios
Over 50 moveable shapes to any key for both chords and arpeggios;

Major Chords & Arpeggios
Minor Chords & Arpeggios
Diminished Chords & Arpeggios
Augmented Chords & Arpeggios
Sus Two Chords & Arpeggios
Sus Four Chords & Arpeggios
Major Seventh Chords & Arpeggios
Minor Seventh Chords & Arpeggios
Dominant Seventh Chords & Arpeggios
Half-Diminished Seventh Chords & Arpeggios
Fully -Diminished Chords & Arpeggios

45 Exercises
45 exercises to help you practice the chords and arpeggios in the book as well as musical examples of how to incorporate them into your playing. Audio files can be downloaded from the webiste for these (links in book).

Practice Diary
20 week practice diary at the back of the book to keep track of your progress and help create a good practice routine.

Blank Diagrams & Tabs
4 pages of blank diagrams to create your own shapes or alter any in the book as well as 4 pages of empty bass tablature.

How To Write Chord Progressions
Section on how to write your own chord progressions for your own songs.

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