Nobrain Beats Producer Strategy Guide

Nobrain Beats Producer Strategy Guide

This is a complete guide to start your music career as a producer. Created by somebody that has already really been doing it for years.

For those who don't already know me:

I started @nobrainbeats instagram account 2 years ago, i started studying marketing and the instagram algorithm, this allowed me to grow the page from 0 to 26k+ followers & it now generates me over 250 beat sales and lots labels placements every month.

What you'll learn:

1. An introduction on everything you must know about the music industry.
2. How to create the perfect beats to get placements and beat sales.
3. How to promote yourself and create a brand trough social media.
4. How to get signed by labels and how they works.
5. How to create 5 - 6 figures as a music producer.

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