Understand The Music - 2nd Theory Book. Learn how to read sheet music for beginner adults and kids. Lesson Rhythm and Pitch

Understand The Music - 2nd Theory Book. Learn how to read sheet music for beginner adults and kids. Lesson Rhythm and Pitch

Do you want to understand how music works? Do you want to help your child to develop vital music skills?

This book is intended for use by children and adults. You can have fun alone or together with your child, learning the basics of music theory while listening to your favourite songs. Practical exercises and videos will help you develop the necessary skills to use the keyboard and guitars to express yourself.

In the 2nd Theory Book, we will:

- Revise the knowledge from the 1st Theory Book
- Learn how to count and perform notes shorter than one beat - quavers
- Learn how to count and perform dotted crotchets and dotted rests
- Understand what strong beats, syncopation and ties are
- Understand the difference between time signatures 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8.
- Learn how to switch between duplets and triplets
- Learn what an upbeat is
- Start reading notes in bass clef
- Understand how to use sharps and flats
- Get acquainted with new music
- Have fun and become a better musicians

Music makes it possible to express yourself, your emotions and to share them with other people. This is the art that people were using to entertain themselves for thousands of years.
Music theory is not the aim but the tool. In this book, I’m explaining to beginners and dummies how to use this tool.

In the second theory book, I explain the rhythm and the pitch - the two main things if you want to understand, read, and play music. This book is universal and can be used by any student that wants to play any musical instrument. Violin, guitar, piano, singing - all of these and other instruments use the same notation and basic rules. After this book, you will be able to feel the rhythm of nearly any song that you hear. You will be able to read notes in bass clef and even more - you will be ready to start playing almost any musical instrument. Reading sheet music is essential, but practical skills are vital for any musician as well.

At the end of the book, you will find the list of recommended songs to listen to. Remember - it is impossible to play music if you don’t listen to it. That's why listening exercises are vital.
If you are a beginner or always wanted to start understanding the music but didn’t know where to start – your moment is here!

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