Creative Songwriting on Guitar: 16 Practical Tips for Sparking Ideas, Spicing up Chords & Taking Your Riffs to the Next Level

Creative Songwriting on Guitar: 16 Practical Tips for Sparking Ideas, Spicing up Chords & Taking Your Riffs to the Next Level

Grab this songwriting book to learn how to write a better song!

Are you tired of using the same ol' chords and progressions? Have your reached a roadblock in your songwriting and are looking for inspiration and a creative spark? Creative Songwriting on Guitar can help you reach that next level of songwriting. This book is jam-packed with 16 practical tips for sparking ideas, spicing up chords, and taking your riffs to the next level!
125+ Playable Music Examples!

This hands-on essential songwriting book is divided into 16 chapters, each featuring an important guitar concept for songwriters who want to learn how to write music. From Troy Nelson, author of the hit books Guitar Aerobics and How to Play Guitar in 14 Days, this book will help you become the prolific songwriter you've always wanted to be.

Find inspiration in new ideas and enhancing the songwriting tools and music composition you already have at your disposal.

The 16 chapters in this book are full of great songwriting tips and will teach you how to:

Create Melodic Hooks
Freshen up Old Chords
Spice up Stale Progressions
Pick the Best Key for Your Song
Set the Vibe with Major & Minor Keys
Build Parts Around Bass & Drums
Write for Multiple Genres
And Much More!

The 16 chapters in this book include:

The Power of a Single Chord
The Cliffs on Riffs
Melody Is King!
Let Vibe Be Your Guide
Using "Unexpected" Chords
Chord Embellishment
Open-String Drones
Octaves and Double Stops
10th Intervals
Harmonic Rhythm
Genre-Specific Guitar Parts
Picking a Key
Major or Minor?
Building Guitar Parts Around a Bass Line
Building Guitar Parts Around a Drum Groove

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All music examples are presented in easy-to-understand fretboard diagrams and rhythm tab so you, the songwriter, can quickly apply the material to your instrument!

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About Troy Nelson: Over the past 25 years, Troy Nelson has authored over 30+ instructional guitar books and edited over 100 more, helping millions of guitar players and beginning songwriters play (and write!) their best. A 30-year guitar player, Troy is the former editor-in-chief of Guitar One magazine and holds a degree in music.

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