A Focal Press Producing Music

A Focal Press Producing Music

During the last two decades, the field of music production has attracted considerable interest from the academic community, more recently becoming established as an important and flourishing research discipline in its own right.

Producing Music presents cutting-edge research across topics that both strengthen and broaden the range of the discipline as it currently stands. Bringing together the academic study of music production and practical techniques, this book illustrates the latest research on producing music.

Focusing on areas such as genre, technology, concepts, and contexts of production, Hepworth-Sawyer, Hodgson, and Marrington have compiled key research from practitioners and academics to present a comprehensive view of how music production has established itself and changed over the years.

PART 1- Music Production and Genre

1 Introduction - Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, Jay Hodgson, and Mark Marrington
2 Socio-Technical Networks and Music Production Competencies: Towards an Actor Network Theory of Hip Hop Beat-Making - Matt Shelvock
3 Boom Bap Ex Machina: Hip-Hop Aesthetics and the Akai APC - Michail Exarchos (A.K.A. Stereo Mike)
4 The DAW, Electronic Music Aesthetics, and Genre Transgression in Music Production: The Case of Heavy Metal Music - Mark Marrington
5 Antonio Carlos Jobim: the Author as Producer - Marcio Pinho and Rodrigo Vicente
6 Compost Listening: Vaporwave and the Dissection of Record Production - Josh Ottum

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