Blues Harmonica For Dummies

Blues Harmonica For Dummies

The fun and easy way to play blues harmonica

Blues Harmonica For Dummies gives you a wealth of guidance on playing harmonica in the style of the blues masters. Learn how to go from playing easy chords to strong single notes - and then to 12-bar blues. Develop your personal style and put together a repertoire of tunes to play for an audience. Explore specific techniques and applications, including bending and making your notes sound richer and fuller; using amplification; developing blues licks and riffs; performing a blues harmonica solo like a pro; and much more.

Breathe the blues into your harmonica
Learn about bending, tongue blocking, and chordal rhythm
Connect with blues history and the major players


A review of the blues as a musical style
What it takes to get started
A blues guide to music symbols
Ways to shape, color, and punctuate your blues sound
How to amplify your playing
Important blues players and recordings

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