Guitar Exercises For Dummies

Guitar Exercises For Dummies

Sharpen your guitar-playing skills

This practice-oriented playbook is packed with hands-on technique builders, from warm-up exercises with scales to arpeggios, chords, and more. Brush up on guitar notation, wake up your fingers, and develop strength, speed, and dexterity. With more than 300 exercises in various keys, drills to perfect your playing, tips to maximize your practice time, and performance pieces to test your expanding skills, you'll be strumming the strings like a pro in no time.

Build strength and consistency as you play
Practice with warm-ups, scales, arpeggios, and chords
Play full-length pieces and songs


A review of the fundamentals
How to release tension and improve breathing
Technique building exercises
Scales, scale sequences, arpeggios, arpeggio sequences, and chords
Ways to improve your musicianship

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