AKAI MPC Software Expansion The Noise

AKAI MPC Software Expansion The Noise

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The Noise is an MPC Expansion for old-school vibe—instruments with more than 800 samples of 8-bit sounds, chip noises, bent circuits, and effects laid out for easy playability and editing. Full of quirky sounds and offbeat instruments, The Noise doesn't hang out with the cool kids. Like the awkward sweater-wearing genius standing in the corner at the party, when The Noise speaks up, ears perk up, heads turn, minds are opened, and the party is taken to an entirely new level.

Up Your Game, Boy

The perfect way to add spice to your tracks, The Noise's idiosyncratic pallet of sounds launch forth from its 128-voice sample-based synth, which includes three envelopes for amp, pitch, and filter, and are further customizable via three effects: chorus, delay, reverb. No need to dust off your old games systems, waste your breathe blowing out the cartridges, or bring a sampler to the arcade. We've done the work for you. The Noise is the perfect way to bring some throwback to your tracks and add some 8-bit flavor to your sound.

Included with MPC Renaissance. Compatible with MPC Software and MPC Essentials.


75 instruments with more than 800 samples of 8-bit sounds
Chip noises, bent circuits, effects, glitch, broken toys, weird sounds
128-voice sample-based synth
3 envelopes for amp, pitch, and filter
3 effects: chorus, delay, reverb
Delay can sync to internal clock or run free
LFO for modulation on filter, pitch, and amp
Included with MPC Renaissance
Low-pass filter

Mac: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) Mac OS X 10.6 or later
PC: 2 GHz Pentium® 4 or Celeron® compatible CPU or faster (multicore CPU recommended) 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended) Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
MPC Software or MPC Essentials

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