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SoundSpot Renegade Mini

Creating basslines in modern music can be tricky. Getting them distorted and wide, whilst retaining mono compatibility often takes a lot of fine-tuning and experimentation so we created the Renegade Mini to simplify this process, and speed up your workflow.

As the name suggests, this is a scaled-down version of its big brother which will be coming out later in the year. But don’t let it’s simple interface fool you, the Renegade Mini is packed with the same processing technology as it’s big brother, in fact, the only difference is the scaled down GUI and the signal processing is the equivalent to an 11 plugin signal chain, so there’s a lot going on in the background.

The Renegade Mini is designed to let you quickly enhance your basslines, and is particularly useful in modern dance music production.

► Features:
+ Intuitive, easy to navigate user interface
+ Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media
+ Advanced Distortion Signal Path
+ Stereo Enhancement
+ Sidechain Volume Shaper

When set to 0%, the drive parameter is totally transparent, allowing the signal to pass through unprocessed. When the drive is increased, the signal is pushed through the signal path which is equivalent to 11 individual plugins, ranging from compression to stereo enhancement with much more in between.

When driven, the signal path created a wider more distorted signal, that will give your basslines more weight and presence.

Whilst the Renegade Mini makes a huge difference to the stereo spread, it also retains it ’s integrity when the signal is collapsed to mono, so the additional colour will still shine through on club systems although less pronounced than stereo playback.

A WORD OF CAUTION… Always check your levels before increasing the drive too hard. By it’s very nature, the signal will become louder, so always remember to reduce the channel gain, before driving the parameter hard. You’re ears and monitors will thank you for it.

The Renegade Mini includes a sidechain volume shaper effect with 3 curves to choose from along with 6 x time settings. This enables you to create the pumping distorted swell that is commonplace in multiple dance music genres.

To select a curve simple click an icon to activate it. To select a time setting, simply click on the desired time found below the curve icons.

If required, the sidechain function can also be disabled by simply clicking on the “SIDECHAIN” label above the volume shaping icons.

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