Arturia 3 Filters

Arturia 3 Filters

3 Filters You'll Actually Use
An inspiring compilation of historic synth filters, turbo-charged as software plugins, and ready to meet the demands of the modern producer.

Taken from the core of our award-winning synthesizer recreations and electrified with unprecedented mind-blowing potential, 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use opens up exciting new ways to explore your sound. Based on our coveted TAE® modeling technology, they replicate the unique sonic characteristics that allowed the original analog instruments to become the legends they are today.

Main Features

Three iconic synthesizer’s filters recreated with advanced TAE physical and circuits modeling:
Each filter can be used in your DAW as a VST, AU, AAX plug-in.
Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces.
Rich modulation possibilities from within the filters plugins.
Fast, intelligent, tag-based preset browsing.
More than 100 High quality presets from award-winning sound designers.
Arturia’s proprietary technology, TAE®, ensures that each analog modeling filter sounds and behaves exactly like the original.

Because V Collection is not "latest all plugnins bundle" anymore, we need to
to take care the conflicts between old versions and other products.

Please keep in mind uninstalling all previous release before 2018 and clean
up %PROGRAMDATA%Arturia, then instal 2018 releases.

The compatibility hotfix release for the legacy products will come soon or

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