Audio Assault FreakQ 305

Windows / Mac
Audio Assault FreakQ 305

FreakQ 305 is an analog inspired non-linear equalizer that embraces the power of your DAW while delivering the sheen and warmth of analog!
This equalizer allows you to sculpt and shape your tones in unheard of ways to create something truly unique! Focusing on delivering the flavor of analog without the noise, FreakQ 305 does not model any specific piece of analog hardware.

Rather, the focus is on bringing the familiar workflow and harmonic brilliance of analog EQ’s into your DAW while adding some unique features that make it one of a kind!

As you increase or decrease the gain on an eq band, FreakQ 305 adds harmonics to the signal. This feature alone makes FreakQ 305 a very powerful tool on its own. However, using the “Scale” control can exaggerate the effects of FreakQ 305 quite dramatically!

The Interface:

The filter section includes the FLTR, filter curve selection, and respective High and Low Cut filters.

Turn on FLTR to activate the high cut and low cut filters.

Two Continuously Variable High Cut and Low Cut filters.
The Low Cut Filter has a frequency range from 50 Hz to 450 Hz.
The High Cut Filter has a frequency range from 650 Hz to 22 kHz.

Filter Shape Selector
Choose between standard filters and resonant filters.
Use standard filters when trying to clean up your tracks without changing their character.
Use resonant filters when you wish to emphasize the frequencies near the filter for creative purposes.

FreakQ 305’s eq section includes 5 bands, each with the ability to boost or cut by 12db, allowing for a 24db range on each band. When a band is set to unity gain, audio passes through it without alteration. Boosting or cutting will introduce harmonics, adding vibrance and liveliness to your audio! The harmonics are a non-linear behavior of the gain controls for each band. Higher boosts or cuts will result in stronger harmonics, and more subtle EQ moves will result in softer harmonics.

Band 1
A low shelf filter with a frequency range from 80 Hz to 650 Hz.
Includes a filter selector, allowing you to choose between more subtle and more extreme filter shapes.

Bands 2-4
Asymmetrical bell filters, similar to those found in coveted analog eq’s. When the Scale control is set to its default value, boosts are narrower than cuts. This behavior can be intensified or reversed with the Scale control.
Includes a low Q and high Q selector, allowing you to choose the bandwidth of the filters.
Band 2’s frequency range is from 110 Hz to 850 Hz.
Band 3’s frequency range is from 500 Hz to 8 kHz.
Band 4’s frequency range is from 800 Hz to 18 kHz.

Band 5
A high shelf filter with a frequency range from 800 Hz to 15 kHz.
Includes a filter selector, allowing you to choose between more subtle and more extreme filter shapes.

Brings FreakQ 305’s EQ section in and out of bypass.
Does not bypass the FLTR section, allowing the filters to stay active while bypassing the EQ section. Use this when you wish to compare the eq moves you’ve made without impacting the amount of filtering you’ve dialed in.

A Wet/Dry control for the EQ section which does not impact the FLTR section, allowing you to retain your FLTR settings while dialing in the appropriate scale.
The Scale ranges from -2 to +2.
Set at +1, which is the default, FreakQ 305’s EQ bands will respond like a typical EQ.
Pushing above +1 will increase the intensity, up to +2 which doubles the gain settings of each band.
Pushing below +1 will blend in the dry signal, allowing you to use FreakQ 305 as a parallel EQ and exciter.
A Scale of 0 leaves none of the EQ section in the output of the plugin. This does not change the behavior of the FLTR section.
Negative values will reverse the gain of the filters, while retaining their asymmetric shapes.
Negative values operate in the same manner as positive values, in reverse.

The VU Meter displays the peak value of the output.

A linear output control with a range from -inf to +12 db.

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