G-Sonique Treble Cream X86

G-Sonique Treble Cream X86

G-Sonique TrebleCream - Mid/Treble & Transients softening technology

One of the most annoying thing in sound/music are for sure sharp, harsh and screaming mid-trebles and distorted transients.

From your mixing experiences you probably know frequent situation that everything sounds good, instruments are balanced, good compressed and equalized but if you want to have clear and significant overall mix then mid-trebles are inevitably very sharp, screaming and distorted - and you don't know how to make them softer and more enjoyable.

Then after mix, screaming/sharp mid-trebles are many times boosted during mastering process (because your record is amplified, compressed, limited which results in next distortion which is most significant on mid-trebles and transients). Later if this track is played loud in car, disco bar or big concert these sharp mid-trebles and transients are sawing ears of your listeners because power amplifiers are producing next distortion and massive higher harmonics when playing really loud (more loudness = more distortion of amplifier).

Then, music is no longer a pleasure but pain - killing ears of your listeners with screaming trebles/mids and distorted transients on big PA systems at concerts or disco bars.

It doesn't matter if you are mixing jazz, folk, heavy metal, techno or drum and bass ask your listeners - all of them prefer nice, creamy analog sparkling trebles, mid-trebles and intensive but silky transients rather than painful distortion and screaming of these frequencies. Even in hard styles of music.

Do you like sparkling trebles and silky/creamy mid-trebles/transients too? Would you like to have pleasant and soft yet very intensive mid-trebles/transient in your mix? Don't you know solution how to achieve them? We are introducing TrebleCream.

TrebleCream is new technology with special digital algorithms / virtual circuits inspired by analog electronic structures for achieving really pleasant, creamy mid-trebles and transients without loosing any intensity of mid-high frequencies. TrebleCream will help you remove "harshness" from mix within few seconds.

Treble cream was developed in cooperation with Analog Dimension. Senior mastering engineer of Analog Dimension studios says "More than 50% of mixes that we are receiving has screaming or distorted mid-trebles and or/transients, while rest of mix is relatively good. Sometimes song is 2x louder after mastering because of modern trends and all these negative artifacts (harshness, mid-treble distortion) are logically boosted during mastering, while many people thinks that mastering can fix all mistakes in mix all experienced engineers will tell you that it is not truth. Simply mastering can't save wrong mix. Many people are using low quality digital compressors, coloring plug-ins, limiters and all these plug-ins are producing distortion on mid-trebles and transients if used unduly. We were always curious what to do with these low quality-mixes when re-mixing wasn't possible, because compressing or equalizing can't help and remove screaming mid-trebles and distorted transients, otherwise song will sound empty and subdued after strong equalizing. So after discussion with G-Sonique engineers and long research we discovered TrebleCream machine. Firstly we made it as real analog hardware and later recreated as digital plug-in for more comfortable work."

TrebleCream is aimed mainly for MIX (used on individual channels) but can be used very comfortable also on MixBuss/Main channel during mixing or during MASTERING if you receive really wrong and harsh mix and re-mixing isn't possible. Sometimes TrebleCream can be last chance to repair wrong and harsh mix, before mastering.

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