Neoduction Tools Tonal EQ

Neoduction Tools Tonal EQ

Tonal EQ is the first paragraphic EQ in the world offering both precision equalization for mixing and mastering, selection and point equalization sequential translation or musical notation, just or tempered tuning and automatic creation of filters for 12 harmonics.
All with power and features that far exceed the capabilities of other equalizers. The Tonal EQ allows you to create special effects and spectral changes ranging from subtle to extreme.

Our challenge in designing Tonal EQ was to develop an equalizer with excellent sound and performance and ease of use, but we also wanted to add improvements and facilities absent in other equalizers.Tonal EQ also provides a visual representation of the EQ curve.
Best traditional parametric equalizers could even reach up to 10 independent bands of equalization, Tonal EQ provides up to 6 configurable EQ bands to work together.

It offers everything you need for your production. Each of the 6-band band parametric controllers can work as shelving filter, low-pass or high-pass filter, and to ensure an optimal fidelity Tonal EQ provides the best signal to noise ratio.

Main features:

It works on 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 196 kHz if you are using Tonal EQ in a native application that supports high sample rates . The Tonal EQ supports these sample rates , although the frequency scale does not change to show these frequencies.
Specific factory presets for noise removal or generic instruments or filters effects.
Frequency / Note Conversion to work on either of the two entourages.
Ability to choose between just or tempered tuning in each filter
Tuning selector between 440-444Hz frequencies.
Automatic creation of harmonic control filters .
PAD function for filter attenuation.
FLIP function for filter frequency inversion.
Separate control of input and output levels or LINK FADERS mode to control both at once.
Graphic representation of the applied filters.

An equalizer with a purely musical approach designed to process music:

Tonal EQ allows you to call things by their name. Why still looking for the frequency of that note that your instrument level increases if you know what a C # 3 ?
Locate your own harmonic instrument immediately and audio information access without complicated calculations .
Make note and frequency conversions as many times as you want .
Tonal EQ brings factory presets with generic equalization curves to improve the performance of your work.
We are working on fundamental harmonic templates so you only have to adjust the fundamental and let it work the others for you.
Tonal EQ brings noise reduction models .
Intuitive view and highly operational performance.
The ultimate equalization instrument thought for the musician.

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