HOFA-Plugins HOFA CD-Burn DDP Master 2

HOFA-Plugins HOFA CD-Burn DDP Master 2

The all-in-one app for (pre-)mastering!

HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master (App) is the ultimate tool for all mastering and pre-mastering tasks.

After the import of your audio files you can cut them, set fades and crossfades. Use the integrated HOFA plugins for sound editing on the highest level (not available in the LE version). Then you can write info like track title, musician or album in the tag editor. Also the professionally used tags ISRC and EAN are supported.
When you’re happy with everything, you can export your project in various formats. Of course you can burn a CD, but there are also DDP export, vinyl export, WAV, AIF, MP3 export and many more!

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