HOFA-Plugins HOFA DDP Player Maker 2

HOFA-Plugins HOFA DDP Player Maker 2

If you want to deliver DDP images to your clients that include a matching player software, DDP Player Maker is the perfect solution for you.

It just does not matter if your customer is using a Windows PC or a Mac, as the player will be included for both platforms. The created player can be set up with your own logo that will be shown as a splash screen. You can also add your custom info text and a link to your website. Furthermore you can decide, if the created player should be able to burn CDs or not. Furthermore you can include your “Terms of Service” that your customer has to accept before he can use the player.

new in V2
* Additional formats for audio file export: Wav, Aiff, FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, MP3
- CD-Text info is embedded into exported Wav and MP3 files
- Track-Transition playback function
- Support for Multisession-CDs
- Revised GUI with scalable font size

* Creation of players for Windows and Mac OS-X inside a DDP image
* Player will only work with the DDP image it was created for
* custom splash screen logo can be added to player
* custom info text and link can be added to player
* CD burning function can be enabled or disabled for each player
* The player can optionally ask to accept your own Terms of Service
* Playback of any DDP images for CD-A
* Display of CD-Text, UPC/EAN and ISRC
* Support of Japanese CD-Text
* Burn DDP images to CD
* Export tracks as .wav audio files
* Support of ISRC in .wav files
* Peak & EBU Loudness Meter
* Goniometer
* Validation of MD5 Checksums
* simple handling, clear representation
* support for PC and Mac, 32 and 64 Bit
* English & German version available

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