LBandy Music Productions Fingerprint

Windows / Mac
LBandy Music Productions Fingerprint

'Fingerprint VST' contains a broad range of presets under 5 Main categories (Bass/808, Instruments, Drumkits, Chopped Samples and Loops). The Core version ‘PAD 1’ comes with 4 GB of content including basic effects (ADSR, Pitch Bend, Glide etc). Unlimited extensions can be added to this version and can include new sounds and effects.

This VST is a direct result of 10 years of experience by creators LBandyMusic in making Hip Hop, R&B and Pop sound kits, reinforced with the results of the Modern Music Producers Study 2016 ( that helped define the core needs and solutions for the new generation of music producers and beatmakers.

There is no more search for sounds and switching from one VST to another needed - with this VST you can do it all! Both PC & Mac compatible. Invest in the future of music production.

The core version (PAD1) of Fingerprint comes out with :

(Bass & 808, Brass, Choir, Ethnic, Guitars, Hits, Piano & Keys, Pluck, Strings, Synths & Leads, FX)


(Trap, Soul Trap, West Coast, East Coast, Detroit, Club, Afrobeat, Orchestral …)

A perfect selection of premium, industry standard sounds to handle any music production style and never lose inspiration.

ADSR, Pitchbend & Glide are also controllable from the VST, and each extension can include infinity of effects


- 132 Presets
- Full Suite of Effects
- 7 Bass
- 8 808
- 6 Brass
- 2 Choir
- 7 Ethnic
- 5 Guitar
- 7 Orch Hits
- 9 Keys
- 7 Plucks
- 7 Strings
- 8 Synths
- 3 Leads
- 26 Sample Chops
- 11 Sound Loops
- 18 Drumkits


- Mac OSX.10.10 or higher
- Windows 7 or higher
- 4 GB RAM
- At least 7 GB of free HD space

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