KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX Synth Modular

KarmaFX Synth Modular is an advanced and highly flexible Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit. Its amazing visual- and highly intuitive user interface lets you modulate just about any knob or slider by any control signal - making the soundscape possibilities almost endless. The internal high-frequency digital simulation of analog voltage levels produces a sound quality that rivals even expensive hardware synthesizers. A comprehensive User's Manual and tons of bundled patches make it easy to get started producing your own unique sounds.

KarmaFX Synth Modular: Advanced Simulated Analog Modular Synthesizer and Effect Unit.

•Full Modular patching of synth Components and Controls.
•Internal high-frequency digital simulation of analog voltage levels.
•Oscillator with phase, Detune and Pulsewidth that generates standard synth waveforms.
•Dual Oscillator with Detune, Hardsync and Ring modulation.
•Sampler, 16/24/32 bit Mono/Stereo multi sample player that imports WAV/SF2/SFZ files.
•Multisample editing with Key/Velocity-ranges and Loop-Points.
•Additive and Pad module with waveform and Harmonic Magnitude/Phase editors.
•User defined waveforms and built-in presets of up to 1024 harmonics.
•Additive Module Phase Offset for improved transient control.
•2/4 Pole Multimode Filters with Cutoff, Resonance (LP, HP, BP and BS filtertypes),
•SVF, Zolzer, Moog, 303like, MS20, Formant, Comb, Allpass, Parametric and Shelving Filters.
•10-band digital and 31-band simulated analog Graphic Equalizers.
•EQ3, 3 band equalizer with adjustable crossover frequencies, and 2 and 4 pole modes.
•Amplifier and Stereo module with Panning, Volume and Velocity control.
•Two channel Mixer with Ring modulation and Circuit Bending Bit Shuffle operations.
•Delay, Reverb, Phaser, Chorus/Flange, Pitchshift, BitShuffler and Distortion effects.
•Soft-knee Compressor with Peak/RMS detection and optional Sidechain.
•10 Octave/12 Note Pitch control with Detune, Portamento and Pitchbend support.
•Controllers for Frequency Modulation (FM) and fast frequency sweeps.
•Up to 16 channel Unison controller with Detune and Stereo pan spread.
•32 step, 4 octave Pattern controller with Hold, Loop, Legato and Arpeggiator.
•Custom arpeggiator note masking with 31+ scale presets.
•Bipolar/Unipolar LFO with Tempo Sync, HFO with FM/Phase Modulation option.
•ADSR and Multipoint Envelopes with Linear, Exponential, Hermite and Cubic curves.
•Step Sequencer, Envelope follower, Sample & Hold and Decay modules.
•Output module with Panning, DC removal, Volume and Clip control.
•Noise generator, filtered Pink, White and Brown Noise with Frequency Sync control.
•PanSpread stereo expander with individual low and high spread + crossover frequency adjustment.
•Sonic Maximizer emulation module with Low Contour, Process and Peak Detector.
•Input generator so synth can function as an Insert effect.
•Full stereo support (selected modules can run in mono to save CPU cycles).
•Patches are built up of Generators, Filters, Amplifiers, Controllers, Effects and Modulators.
•Up to 97 simultaneously running modules (16 modules per group and 1 output module).
•Instant visual feedback on all controls. Frequency, Time/Amplitude, Modulation, etc.
•Fully customizable GUI resolution of up to 4096 x 2048 (default is 1024 x 768).
•Customizable GUI patch-cables can be shown as linear, curved and dangling.
•Optionally see knobs and sliders animate as they are modulated.
•Choose between Mono, Legato, or up to 16-voice true Polyphony.
•Fast trigger and output response, with zero latency and zero latency compensation.
•Up to 128 simultaneously running internal voices (Polyphonic and Unison combined).
•MIDI modulator modules for MIDI Controller, Velocity, Aftertouch and Pitchbend input.
•128 user-assignable Automation controls with MIDI Learn.
•Fully skinnable GUI: Optional skins are bundled with the installation.
•7 banks of pre-made KarmaFX patches + userbanks. (More than 1300+ patches total).

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