W. A. Production Pumper Compressor

Windows / Mac
W. A. Production Pumper Compressor

The Pumper Compressor plugin only has one knob and a slider for you to choose the type of compression. Do not be fooled by the simple interface.

With the Punchy style of compression, you’ll be able to get all those drums and synth to hit hard by adding punchiness and clarity to the sounds. This type of compression is great for drums or sounds that require good attack transient.

With the Fat style of compression, it basically just makes every phatter by controlling and limiting the dynamic range of the sounds. It is best to be used on dirty drop leads which need to loud and clear to the listeners.

With the Clean style of compression, it is just like a transparent compression which gives a subtle touch to your sound without aggressively changing the sound. It just works great on vocals and acoustics instruments.

With the Soft style of compression, it glues everything up and make them sound perfectly together by giving clarity to the sounds without over-compressing. It can make wonders when it is used in the mastering process.

The compressor gives you 4 amazing options:

1) Punchy Mode gives you that direct punch and clarity. This is great for kick drums or percussion.
2) Fat will help to bring out the bottom end of your sound and make it sound big!
3) Clean is more transparent and is nice for adding subtle touches to your sound. Great for softer vocals or acoustic instruments
4) Soft is wonderful to use on your master channel. It slightly compressors the sound which will tighten everything up and give clarity without sounding over compressed and lifeless.

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