Klevgrand Enkl

Klevgrand Enkl

This fully featured monophonic synthesizer can create a huge variety of sounds. Fat basses, stabby leads, glitchy noises, old style chip tune sounds (including arpeggios), weird percussion, you name it. Enkl does the job!

Enkl comes with 93 high quality factory presets, all crafted by professional music producers. Of course it is possible to create new ones and save.


•Realtime rendered audio – no samples involved
•Two separate oscillators with individual LFO’s
•Oscillators can generate Triangle, Sawtooth, Square or Noise waveforms
•Oscillators can be added, subtracted or multiplied together
•Each LFO has its own ADSR and modulates its oscillator’s pitch or volume
•High cut and low cut filter with resonance (also controllable via MIDI)
•Chiptune-style arpeggiator
•Legato mode
•Ping-pong delay as a post effect
•Three band EQ as a post effect
•Comes with 93 factory presets

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