AudioThing Phase Motion 2

AudioThing Phase Motion 2

Phase Motion 2 is a stereo phaser plugin featuring up to 32 phasing stages.
The Rate can be adjusted in Hertz or it can be synced to the host/DAW tempo. You can choose 6 waveforms (sine, triangle, ramp up, rump down, square, random) to modulate the phase, and you can tweak Depth and Feedback to get a classic vintage phaser sound or extreme digital modulations.
From version 2 you can have different settings for the left and right channel.

Stereo Phaser
Phase Motion 2 is a stereo phaser, meaning you can have different settings on each channel. Essentially it is like having two phasers, one for the Left and one for the Right channel.

Phase Motion 2 - Stereo Selector
By clicking on the L or R button, the parameters will only control the selected channel. Instead, when the Link icon is selected, both L and R parameters will be affected.

Tips to make a thicker stereo phaser sound:

•Have the same settings on both L and R channel, but slightly change one or two parameters on one channel only.
•Have a positive amount of Feedback on one channel, and a negative amount on the other channel.
•Use the Invert button only on one channel.


•32 Phasing Stages
•6 LFO Waveforms
•Rate can be synced to the host tempo
•Preset system with randomizer
•Formats: VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
•Platforms: OSX, Windows

2017/07/10: v2.0.0
– Improved: DSP redesigned from scratch
– Improved: Stability and CPU usage
– Added: Bipolar Feedback control
– Added: Left and Right parameters (+ stereo link)
– Added: Waveform Phase control
– Added: Up to 32 stages (from 16)

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